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June 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

Practical and easily accessible at the time of decision making, the book relays important concepts through concise and to-the-point pearls and by utilizing algori ...
Author Reza Ardehali , Marco Perez , Paul Wang

September 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

This concise text presents best practices for all aspects of atrial fibrillation ablation as outlined in the new version of the VeniceChart Internation ...
Author Andrea Natale , Antonio Raviele

March 2011, Oxford

Cardiac Arrhythmia Management: A Practical Guide for Nurses and Allied Professionals provides a much needed resource for nurses and other professionals who wo ...
Author Angela Tsiperfal , Linda Ottoboni , Salwa Beheiry , Amin Al-Ahmad , Andrea Natale , Paul Wang

Janvier 2012, Springer

The complete electrocardiography reference work in clinician friendly volumes.
Takes the reader from research and the laboratory bench through to the mana ...
Author P.W. Macfarlane , A. van Oosterom , M. Janse , P. Kligfield , J. Camm , O. Pahlm

June 2010, Oxford

Cardiac Electrophysiology and Catheter Ablation is the first handbook-sized practical training guide for medical, technical and industry personnel needing easi ...
Author Yaver Bashir , Timothy R. Betts , Kim Rajappan
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