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Cardiostim 2012 Attendance

5,629 delegates attended Cardiostim in 2012.

The delegates came from 94 countries from the five continents.

The USA are ranking #3, just after France and Italy, in terms of
number of delegates who attended Cardiostim in 2012.

Attendance by specialty

The total may exceed 100% due to multiple choice questionnaire.
Other: Nurse, researcher, marketing service, industry, medical engineer, children cardiology, medical sales representative, association, finance, technician, investor in medical technology, physician, scientific…

Attendance by work environment

The total may exceed 100% due to multiple choice questionnaire.
Other: pharmaceutical industry, private hospital, clinic, laboratory, military hospital, company, research, manufacturer, sales representative…

Attendance by continent

What the 2012 delegates said about...

The innovations and technologies presented
«Appointment reference to discover new techniques, robots, evolution of research» - Hungarian
«Important to see the current technology» - South-African

The complete and top level program
«Very high level of scientific programs» - Italian
«Good program for my job» - German
«Very innovative lectures» - Russian
«Fascinating, challenging» - American

The quality and interest of the sessions and speakers
«Big choice in sessions» - Chinese
«A lot of great speakers, interesting» - Indian
«Very interesting course with experts from all over the world» - Swedish