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Cardiostim Website

With 66,104 visitors, 73 299 visits and 269,169 pages seen, the Cardiostim website is the key platform where the scientists check the sessions program, register to the congress, have a look at the exhibiting companies and their latest innovations. 
A major tool to communicate on your participation in Cardiostim and the technologies you'll showcase!

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Practical Information page
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Innovations page
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Exhibitor list page 
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Newsletters & Flashes

Cardiostim sents newsletters and flashes providing with the latest information on the congress program, the innovations and the trials, as well as interviews and scientific news.

The newletters are sent to 7,000 qualified contacts from July 2013 to July 2014.

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(10 newsletters in 2012)

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Smartphone App & website Option

Logo Option
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Banner Option  
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• Logo on the Smartphone App Exhibitor List and banner in any section (except Final Program) and a banner on the website exhibitor list

Support Option (Exclusive)
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