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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before submitting


    • Q. Can I submit an abstract if it was previously presented at another conference?

    Abstracts are not eligible for consideration if the manuscript of the abstract has been presented and/or published BEFORE Cardiostim. In case of doubt, contact the scientific team.


    • Q. How many abstracts can I submit?

    There is no limit to the number of abstracts an investigator may submit. However, authors of numerous abstracts have to consider that if all abstracts are accepted, they may be in trouble at the time of presentation, because of possible time conflicts.


    • Q. Can I open an account if I'm not the presenting author?

    NO, you have to be the presenting author to do so. One account = One presenting author = One or more abstract(s) submitted by the same presenting author.


    • Q. If I don’t know the presenting author’s ID number, can I use mine instead?

    NO. The presenting author’s ID number must correspond with the name we have on file. If the name and ID number don’t match, the presenting author will not be recognized as such.

  • Getting ready to submit


    • Q. Can I enter authors and institutions in my abstract title?

    NO - Do not include authors or authors in the title. There is a special place to enter them. The box entitled "Authors" is meant for that.


    • Q. Does the order in which the authors are listed on the abstract matter?

    Not to us, but keep in mind that the order they are listed on the abstract is the order they will appear listed in publication if the abstract is selected for presentation. Only the person whose name is underlined in the author block is considered the presenting author, no matter where their name is listed in the abstract


    • Q. How many institutions can I list for a single abstract?

    The ones you need to list.

  • Practical


    • Q. What is the maximum number of characters that my abstract may contain?

    Your abstract may not contain more than 1,950 characters less table (+/- 250 characters) or picture (+/- 400 characters) when included.


    • Q. What about tables?

    Do not cute and paste tables from Word! You would not be able to modify them. Table (or picture) is included as part of the 1,950 character limit.


    • What is the size of a picture?

    Pictures should not exceed 1000 Kbytes each. Only Jpeg or Gif formats are allowed. For optimal quality choose 800*600px pictures. Graphics are easier used as pictures.


    • Can I use abbreviations in my abstract?

    You may use abbreviations in your abstract body. DO NOT use abbreviations in the title. Use standard abbreviations and place a special or unusual abbreviation in parenthesis after the full word appears for the first time. Use generic names of drugs. Write numbers as numeral rather than words.


    • Do I have to enter my abstract in a specific format?

    Yes, organize the body of the abstract as follows: a) purpose of the study b) method used c) summary of results d) conclusion.

  • Submitting


    • Q. How will I know if my abstract has met all of the required criteria and is ready for submission?

    When you'll click on "PREVIEW" you'll be able to check your abstract size and adapt it if it's too long.


    • Q. Who do I contact for technical assistance while submitting an abstract?

    Please contact scientific@cardiostim.com via email, describing the problem.


    • Will my abstract be processed if I leave it in an Incomplete Status?

    NO. Your abstract must be in a Submitted status before it can be processed. If you don’t conform to the character limits or DO NOT complete all required fields, your abstract will be in an incomplete status and will not be submitted for review.


    • Can I revise my abstract after it has been submitted?

    NO. Once irrevocably submitted, you will not be able to modify your abstract any more. You'll have to contact us if you need changes after that moment.


    • Can I make changes/additions to my abstract after the submission deadline?

    No, changes cannot be made to the abstract once the submission deadline has passed. If selected for presentation, your abstract will be printed exactly the way it was submitted. Also an author’s name cannot be added or deleted after the submission deadline. Any corrections to the abstract will need to be made at the time of presentation. You'll have to contact us if you need modifications after that moment.

  • Being notified


    • Q. When will I be notified as to whether or not my abstract has been selected?

    Notifications will be sent to the presenting author from beginning of the abstract submission.


    • Q. Will all co-authors be notified?

    NO, Only the person who's listed as the presenting author will be notified. It is up to the presenting author to notify the rest of the co-authors.


    • Will I only be notified if my abstract is accepted?

    No, each abstract gets a notification, whether accepted or rejected. All presenting authors will be notified. As such, please make sure that the contact information for the presenting author is up to date.

  • Cancellation/withdrawal


    • Q. How do I withdraw my abstract?

    In order to withdraw your abstract, you must send an email to scientific@cardiostim.com indicating your intent to do so. Within the email text, kindly include: the official abstract number, the complete title of the abstract and the author’s name.

  • Presenter rate


    • Q. Are all of the authors eligible for the reduced registration rate?

    Yes, all authors are eligible for the reduced rate and should register in the Abstract Presenter category to receive the special registration rate. Proof will be asked for.


    • Q. What happens in case of change of presenting author?

    In case of change of presenting author and further to agreement with the scientific team, a co-author can substitute for the presenting author and get the special rate. Any co-authors wishing to attend the meeting must register in their appropriate category.

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