Name Horus



  • Q. What is the maximum number of characters that my abstract may contain?

Your abstract may not contain more than 1,950 characters less table (+/- 250 characters) or picture (+/- 400 characters) when included.


  • Q. What about tables?

Do not cute and paste tables from Word! You would not be able to modify them. Table (or picture) is included as part of the 1,950 character limit.


  • What is the size of a picture?

Pictures should not exceed 1000 Kbytes each. Only Jpeg or Gif formats are allowed. For optimal quality choose 800*600px pictures. Graphics are easier used as pictures.


  • Can I use abbreviations in my abstract?

You may use abbreviations in your abstract body. DO NOT use abbreviations in the title. Use standard abbreviations and place a special or unusual abbreviation in parenthesis after the full word appears for the first time. Use generic names of drugs. Write numbers as numeral rather than words.


  • Do I have to enter my abstract in a specific format?

Yes, organize the body of the abstract as follows: a) purpose of the study b) method used c) summary of results d) conclusion.

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