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Vincent Probst - FRA

Vincent PROBST, MD, PhD, is a professor of cardiology. He is the head department of the Nantes cardiologic department, the national reference centre for hereditary arrhythmic diseases, the centre for sudden cardiac death in the young and the thorax division of the CIC INSERM.

Vincent PROBST obtained his MD and PhD degrees and became qualified specialist in cardiology in 2000. He was then postdoctoral fellow at the Baylor college of medicine, Houston Texas USA) where he worked on the genetic aspect of ARVD. After returning in France, he developed a large network on genetic cardiac diseases in the west part of France leading to grant the cardiologic department as national centre of reference for hereditary arrhythmic diseases in 2004 and the centre for sudden cardiac death in the young in 2012.
Vincent PROBST was scientific secretary of the French society of cardiology and is a member of the board of the GRRC. He was part of the editorial board of the Heart rhythm journal.

Research profile: 103 peer review papers; cited 8000 times; h-index = 40
Vincent Probst was specialized in genetic aspect of common and rare cardiac disease with a special focus on arrhythmic and valvular diseases. He is one of the world leaders on this topic. Since he passes his thesis Vincent Probst was focused on the development of large databases on genetic cardiac disease and the identification of new genes involve in this pathology. 

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